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Sisters can become brothers – Sakshi Malik proves this Raksha Bandhan! Will brothers become real brothers now?

Sakshi Malik

Tradition has been reversed this Raksha Bandhan. A day where traditionally sisters all over India receive gifts from their brothers – Sakshi Malik has given the unforgettable gift of an Olympic medal to an entire nation of brothers and sisters. India stands united in cheering the grit and strength of its mighty daughters & sisters like Sakshi Malik, Dipa Karmakar, P V Sindhu and others. The girls of India have consistently been doing their country and families proud in...

E-commerce Boom in India – Will it last?


Recall the days gone by when Indians were introduced to the “Big saving days” or “Cheapest three days of the year” by big retail stores. Consumers were baited by the promise of cheaper everything – from grocery to shoes, from fashion to appliances. But over a period of years these same stores have either vanished or have (been forced to) changed their business model because of various reasons. Mounting debts has been one of the major factors for all...

Digital India – Futuristic vision for an effective backward integration

Digital India

There’s a new ‘start-up’ in town. And it’s the “big-brother” of all start-ups. Its scale is so vast and its vision so broad that the digital world big daddy, themselves a start-up at one time, are giving it a standing ovation. Modi Government’s ‘Digital India Initiative’ has the world IT czars up and applauding this futuristic vision. With ‘Digital India,’ the government is envisioning multi-pronged benefits. Much has been written about them in detail. How it will contribute to...