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When newsman becomes news himself!


The loudest bomb to explode online this Diwali is the news screaming out that the celebrated journalist Arnab Goswami has quit the Newshour program; he has quit the channel TimesNow! Since then the Twitterati and social media are going berserk with hashtags like #nationwantstoknow! The harbinger of news has become a breaking news himself. Online media is going crazy speculating his next move; dissecting his resignation speech word for word for a clue to his future plans! This is...

Leadership lessons from Goddess Durga!

Goddess Durga

Navratri is our most exuberant and zesty festival. Goddess Durga is celebrated with an unmatched fervour at this time. She is one of the strongest links that noticeably binds this nation of diverse people their Vrats & Jagrans (fasting and praying in North), Garbas & Dandiyas (celebratory dances in the West), Golus (special decorations in the South) and Pujo pandals (inimitable celebrations in the East). While the goddess inculcates great devotion in us, her aura, personality, her story and...

Reliance Jio!…..Baki Sab Dua Karo (Rest all pray)

Reliance Jio

Reliance has done it again with Jio! Reliance has fashioned a new cult one more time – this time overnight; that too way before the customers got to use the brand Jio’s offerings and its services. Jio has broken quite a few advertising conventions with its communications strategy and has reaped huge PR benefits from the results that ensued. The brand has achieved the highest level of consumer recall which all brands, irrespective of their industry and lifecycle –...