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Delhi MCD 2017 – An election won & an election lost on communication strategy alone. 5 Important PR lessons to be learnt

Delhi MCD

The Delhi MCD results are out. The incumbent has swept the polls despite doing not such a great job (as per popular perception) in the last decade or so. And still, the average intelligent Delhiite has voted for them! That does sound odd to an average intelligent, educated adult human being – voting for incompetent incumbents. I am no expert on politics, and this is not a treatise on the whys and wherefores of a party’s political wins or...

The Tale of the Two Airlines – One won hearts, other lost face & billions

The airlines industry is cornering a lot of media and social media space in the last few days. The recently concluded Air India story and the ongoing United Airlines saga have become a study in contrasts in crisis communication and organizational reputation management in a negative situation. Both the well-chronicled episodes have garnered a widespread public attention and outrage, but the two affected airlines have occupied the two opposite ends of the spectrum of crisis communication. The airlines, Air...

How marketing to modern man in India is evolving?


The MAN has undergone a transformation. And how! The passive and apathetic existence of a 1980s MAN, inconspicuous to sundry marketers, has transformed to a very aware and involved MAN in 2016, a hot target for marketers. Circa 1980: An average middle-class family would be pictured thus – The family comprises of three brothers ranging from ages 50 to 40 years, one a government officer, another a bank officer and the third a lawyer. All three have a comfortable...