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Grey Cell Public Relations is a multi-competency communications advisory firm that assists clients in leveraging their corporate values and business philosophy to achieve industry leadership. Our strategic approach works to chisel and shape both brand image and corporate reputation. We develop thoroughly researched mediagenic initiatives that assist businesses to acquire and strategically reinforce positive mind share among stakeholders of choice and publics at large.

A good time to bend it like Beckham!

The FIFA world cup is now climaxing … the big ‘O’ just hours away! But who ever got the ‘O’ easily?! For this nirvana, your obeisance and penance should be consummate. Yes, we have no personal or national stake in the tournament. Yes, we have been free to worship individual heroes or root for the underdog. Ah! Colombia. But there have been upsets and tears, trials and tribulations. Of course the hurrahs and yahoos also have been renting the...

Fashionable disease of the month – Footie fever!

Dust is still afloat at the Eden Garden grounds post IPL celebrations. Modi is still to complete a month in office. But they already are a forgotten lot. Dynamic lot that we are, we have moved on to our next euphoria. Even as the FIFA world-cup kicks off we, the normally cricket-crazy people, have embraced the football mania with a frenzy. The skinny kid from the neighbourhood –his cricket ball is always a pain – is dribbling dangerously around...

For a truly Mubarak Eid!

Will the miracle baby Shayma Shiekh al-Eid herald a long awaited peace in the Gaza region? By the latest news reports it doesn’t look like it. Israel and Gaza continue to pound each other even as I pen these words. eid_mubarak_2012 God’s ways are baffling then. Towards what purpose did God almighty bring this tiny creature alive and kicking in this world from a dead mother’s womb? Has God granted her life only to snatch it away in a...