Fashionable disease of the month – Footie fever!

Dust is still afloat at the Eden Garden grounds post IPL celebrations. Modi is still to complete a month in office.

But they already are a forgotten lot. Dynamic lot that we are, we have moved on to our next euphoria. Even as the FIFA world-cup kicks off we, the normally cricket-crazy people, have embraced the football mania with a frenzy.

The skinny kid from the neighbourhood –his cricket ball is always a pain – is dribbling dangerously around my car with a bigger ammunition – the football.

My “doodhwala” is already on to his second football t-shirt. Having already ditched German white he’s currently sporting Argentine colours.

Fuleco has the pride of place on the desks of the young (pretty) ‘uns in office. Armadillos have replaced Chihuahuas for the time being.

And as for the not so pretty young ‘uns – the discussion is on about the football stars’ tattoos and their WAGs. Bets are on who will get the golden boot.

The auntyjis on the treadmill in the gym are discussing jersey colors while the fit ones are discussing abs and pecs of assorted names.

The reclusive teenage nephew is beating the shit out of Brazil and Neymar on his android phone.

Yesterday the autoguy played Vengaboyz’s “Brazil” n Shakira’s “Waka waka” on auto rewind mode for the entire 35 minute trip.

Wifey cooked some gooey dalia concoction today morning and said this is a special dish Messi Messi.

Of course restaurants, pubs, advertisers and the boy selling memorabilia at traffic junction have all jumped on to this marketing bandwagon.

Football fever is all around me. We don’t have any national or personal stake in this global event so we have freedom to choose our idols. It is absolutely ok to cheer for Brazil and for Ronaldo in the same sentence.

We have found our reason to party for the next month or so.

The fever has gripped me too. Only I am not sure whom to cheer for Lionel or Messi –you see I love them both!