A good time to bend it like Beckham!

The FIFA world cup is now climaxing … the big ‘O’ just hours away!

But who ever got the ‘O’ easily?! For this nirvana, your obeisance and penance should be consummate.

Yes, we have no personal or national stake in the tournament. Yes, we have been free to worship individual heroes or root for the underdog. Ah! Colombia.

But there have been upsets and tears, trials and tribulations. Of course the hurrahs and yahoos also have been renting the air. A self-respecting true football fan has been tested to his/her limits to the extreme.

We have witnessed the fall of the mighty. We have mourned the demise of heroes. We have borne the brunt of injuries. We have learnt to worship the rising stars. We have wished adios to 30 – odd favourite jerseys. My favourite yellow t-shirt is now fit only for a floor mop. Sob!

And not to forget the bleary-eyed, wan-faced persona we have been carrying around in the mornings. (Was that my client calling? Its ok I’ll call him after my 40 winks). The extra calories we have happily munched on in deference to the late night matches. And the credit card is bursting with the pub bills.

In other words if you have been flaunting the psychosomatic condition – footie fever – for the last month or so, you qualify as a true football fan.

And the elusive big ‘O’? Go ahead. Seize the day. Carpe Diem!

So what if your favourite jersey is out of the field. Follow the wise. The wise have changed their Facebook profile pictures from colours yellow-green, orange and red to white, blue and black. (like me from Spain to Brazil to Argentina – whoever is winning!
Learn from the enlightened ones. The enlightened ones tread the ‘in-denial’ path. Vehemently deny you ever supported Spain (who?) and tiki-taka (what?) or Brazil (whoa! Never). My favourite colour has always been White. There’s even a choice on offer. Take your pick from White with Blue or White with Orange/Black.
And the sagely ones like my wife Sylvia – well she has always believed in a good round of the game. It’s the performances and the sportsmanship that matters. Come July 13, Zen like, thousands of Brazilian ticket holders will be cheering for their arch rivals or their arch rivals. Won’t they?