When newsman becomes news himself!

The loudest bomb to explode online this Diwali is the news screaming out that the celebrated journalist Arnab Goswami has quit the Newshour program; he has quit the channel TimesNow!

Since then the Twitterati and social media are going berserk with hashtags like #nationwantstoknow!

The harbinger of news has become a breaking news himself. Online media is going crazy speculating his next move; dissecting his resignation speech word for word for a clue to his future plans!

This is not the first time a celebrated journalist has quit their program and broken away from the channel /media vehicle where they gained recognition and became famous. In recent past, Journalists like Barkha Dutt and Rajdeep Sardesai have also quit their launch vehicles to take on newer and more meaningful ventures. But the sensation surrounding Arnab’s announcement is unprecedented and unparalleled. The whole country is talking about him. This signifies that Arnab is a star in his own right. Arnab is known to be the people’s voice – the country’s voice. Week after week – night after night he has taken on the mightiest of the mighty to task in the interest of the nation. He has been unbiased, courageous and never been afraid to call a spade a spade to the spade’s face.

He made a huge difference to the 9 pm news hour. The 9 pm slot may not be the same again – for a while maybe… Brace yourselves for a louder bark and fiercer bite to resonate through your living room soon.

After all, Arnab may have quit the Newshour – He has not quit being a journalist!